Research is the main activity at MAS. Mixing several academic disciplines as well as various organizational choices, MAS offers some innovative contributions. Below are a few examples:

  • knowledge production: set-indexed processes, pathwise regularity of stocahstic processes, formal methods and complex systems...
  • mathematical modelling of natural or social phenomenons: plant growth, fluid-structure interaction with fractal interfaces, statistically interacting agents...
  • data-based modelling: quantitative finance, business intelligence, statistical properties of graphs and networks...

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Direction du laboratoire

Paul-Henry Cournède Phone : +33 1 4113 1786 Email :

Secrétariat du laboratoire

Sylvie Dervin Phone : +33 1 4113 17 11 Email :

Actualités de la recherche à l'ECP

Actualités de la recherche à l'ECP

Conférence MMCS organisée par le laboratoire MICS

05 October 2016   Le laboratoire MICS organise la seconde édition de la conférence "Modélisation Mathématique des Systèmes Complexes" More
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