Mathematical Modelling of Complex Systems


To celebrate its 10th birthday, the laboratory MAS has organized an international conference on "Mathematical Modelling of Complex Systems".

Where ? Ecole Centrale Paris, Olivier building, Amphithéâtre 3, see the access map on

When ? 11th, 12th and 13th December, 2013

What ? Mathematical modelling in social sciences; mathematical modelling in life sciences ; statistics and complexity

Speakers: F. Bach, H. Berestycki, G. Bernot, A. Bertozzi, A. Boudaoud, A. Carbone,  J. A. Carrillo, T. Coolen, V. Danos, V. Fromion, D. Holcman, C. Matias, B. Maury, S. Méléard, S. Robin, G. Toscani, V. Volpert

Conference program

Titles and abstracts of the talks

Organizing committee : F. Abergel, M. Aiguier, P-H. Cournède, G. Faÿ, P. Lafitte



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